Rashida Tlaib Wins 13th Congressional District Primary

August 8, 2018

Rashida Tlaib has won the 13th Congressional District primary election for the full two-year term beginning January 3rd, 2019, beating five other Democrats to secure her spot on the November ballot. 


“My entire heart and soul is dedicated to this District. I grew up here, raised my family here and proudly served as State Representative for six years,” Rashida said. “The 13th District wanted a fighter and they have one in me. Putting the needs of my families across the district over corporate profits will show the nation that you don’t have to sell out to serve families in Congress. As I fully grasp what we accomplished with our people- focused campaign, I am reaffirming my commitment that I will go beyond voting the right way. I will fight here at home and in the courts to make sure every single child and family in our strong 13th District lives in a just society, one that recognizes that all of us deserve the opportunity to thrive.” 


When Rashida goes to Washington, she will fight for Medicare-for-All, $15 minimum wage, sustainable environmental policies, funding for public schools, debt-free college, civil rights rooted in equity, fair immigration reform and much more. 


“Rashida is a proven fighter who will protect our public schools, support our educators, and ensure all our kids have a chance to learn and thrive,” said MEA President Paula Herbart. “We endorsed Rashida back in July because we know she is a relentless worker for the people of Michigan and will work hard to ensure our communities have quality public schools with well-paid teachers and adequate supplies for our children to be successful.” 


Rashida’s campaign was won with an aggressive grassroots approach that prioritized face-to-face conversations with voters to understand and address their concerns. She far outpaced the competition in field work, knocking on more than 50,000 doors, making tens of thousands of phone calls, and raising more than $1.2 million without taking a single corporate PAC check. On Election Day, hundreds of volunteers worked at polls across all 12 cities to educate voters and push Rashida to victory. 


“Rashida proved that you can run a campaign that challenges the stranglehold corporations have on our government and win,” said campaign manager Andy Goddeeris. “Rashida worked tirelessly for seven months to connect directly with the residents of this district who are hungry for a fighter who will work for real economic and social justice and never back down. Metro Detroit already knows what a dynamic and passionate leader Rashida is, and I can’t wait for the rest of the country to find out.” 


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