We Need Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Now

June 25, 2018


Every day, the national news makes it clear that America is engaged in a struggle to define itself. Are we as a nation rooted in tolerance, committed to offering a place of refuge, freedom, and opportunity for those across the world or will the nation turn inward into isolationism? Nothing short of the American Dream is at stake. 


I am committed to not only opposing and overturning the Trump Administration's immigration policy hellbent on separating and cruelly detaining immigrant families, but also to fighting to ensure that he is held accountable for the devastating impacts on the children who have been wrongly and inhumanely imprisoned. Caging children and families who only seek safe haven and a better life is cruel and barbaric. Trump's actions have violated international human rights standards and cannot be ignored, and he must face consequences.


What's clear is that we need comprehensive immigration reform now, reform that is grounded in compassion for the brave souls seeking refuge in our country, and reinforced by civil, human, and labor rights.  We must provide a clear pathway to citizenship for all undocumented Americans, we must dismantle our deportation machine and detention centers, and we must enhance access to justice for immigrants availing themselves of our legal system.  We must protect DREAMers and welcome asylum-seekers.  We must be guided by empathy, not fear, and we cannot compromise in our fight to uphold and respect the human rights of people seeking shelter inside our borders. Immigrants make our communities stronger socially, culturally, and economically, and we must reverse the dark course the Trump administration has set us on.

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