Rashida Tlaib Endorsed by Progressive Change Campaign Committee

March 21, 2018


Today the national grassroots Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) endorsed bold progressive congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib for Michigan’s 13th district. The endorsement recognizes Rashida as the strongest progressive candidate in the crowded race to replace John Conyers Jr., and as the clear alternative to establishment politics. 


“We’re endorsing Rashida Tlaib because she’s an authentic, inspiring progressive who isn’t afraid to take on Republicans with a bold economic populist message,” Co-Founder of PCCC Stephanie Taylor said. “Let's elect game-changing progressives in the blue wave that's coming – progressives are going to compete everywhere, and they’re going to win.” 


Rashida made history in 2008 when she was elected as the first Muslim woman to serve in the Michigan Legislature. During her time as a state representative, Rashida fought for funding for free health clinics and Meals on Wheels, and worked to protect Michigan residents from fraudulent mortgages and predatory lenders. Rashida’s record of fighting and winning against billionaires and rich corporations like the Koch brothers, Matty Moroun, and Marathon Oil helped seal the PCCC’s commitment to support her campaign. 


“I’m thrilled today to have the pivotal endorsement of the PCCC, an organization that has a strong track record of electing unapologetic progressives like me who fight for their communities and put people over profits,” Rashidasaid. “The PCCC, its leadership, and I all have the same goal – to harness our passion and courage to push back against the billionaires and big corporations hijacking our government and Party at every level.” 

Rashida campaigns on “taking on corporate billionaires, crony capitalists, industrial polluters, and government officials who would prefer to be unaccountable.” 


“The people of Michigan's 13th district want a leader who will fight for Medicare-for-All and a $15 minimum wage, protect and clean up our environment, and who won't back down when powerful interests push back,” said Rashida. “Voters here in Detroit and Wayne County know I'll never sell them out, and I'm excited to have the PCCC's support to reach out directly to voters as we begin to canvass the district.” 


The PCCC has endorsed a number of bold progressives across the country, including Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Michigan Secretary of State candidate Jocelyn Benson. 


The PCCC joins a number of other grassroots progressive organizations in endorsing Rashida. The People for Bernie, Justice Democrats, Emgage USA, #VOTEPROCHOICE, and the Arab American Democratic Action Fund have already pledged their support. 


More about the PCCC: 
The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is a grassroots progressive organization that endorses a select number of candidates each cycle. For top endorsed campaigns, the PCCC provides in-depth strategic support and resources -- including mobilizing one million PCCC members to donate and volunteer. Since its founding in 2009, the PCCC has raised more than $26 million for progressive candidates and committees -- including over $1.17 million from over 70,000 small-dollar donations for Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 Senate run. The PCCC has more than one million members nationwide, including over 24,000 in Michigan.



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