Economic Justice makes us healthier, safer, and makes our community fairer for everyone.

  • Securing a $15 minimum wage: I’ll fight for a $15 minimum wage that gives our workers the ability to provide for their families.  I don’t just want to create jobs, I want to create living wage jobs.


  • Standing up for Unions: I’ll protect our unions, the organizations that built our middle class and are on the front lines of the fight against the Republicans and their billionaire friends.  

  • Preventing Cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid: The Republicans are eager to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to pay for their tax cuts for the rich, and we can’t let them get away with it. I will protect and expand Social Security and Medicare benefits – and scrap the cap on what the rich pay into Social Security so millionaires pay the same rate into the program as everyone else. 

  • Promoting Homeownership: I will take on the Wall Street banks that discriminate against our families and defraud us, and provide a pathway to homeownership so more of our families can have their own piece of the American Dream.  

  • Ending Corporate Welfare: We must stop tax giveaways to rich corporations and developers while our schools are crumbling and people are losing their homes.  

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work: Women deserve equal pay for equal work, and I’ll fight to end wage discrimination and close the pay gap.

  • Debt-Free College and Vocational Training: The cost of higher education is a major barrier for many people, and we must make public colleges, universities, and trade schools tuition free for working families.

  • Overturning Citizens United and Restoring the Voting Rights Act: Big money has hijacked our politics and we must overturn Citizens United to ensure all of our voices are heard.  We must also restore the Voting Rights Act and fight back against voter suppression that targets minorities and tries to silence us.


Medicare-for-All will ensure everyone has access to the healthcare they need.

  • I’ll fight for Medicare-for-All that guarantees health care as a right, not a privilege. No person should have to skip doctors appointments or prescription refills because they can’t afford it, and I’ll get to work in Washington protecting the Affordable Care Act from the Republicans but also working to cover the gaps it still leaves, until everyone is covered.

  • We’re the only major nation on Earth that does not guarantee healthcare for its residents, and because of it millions of people in this country still do not have access to the health services they need.   


Environmental Protection to keep our families safe and healthy.

  • Here in Southeast Michigan we’ve got a lot of big polluters getting away with poisoning our community. They think because we’re not the richest communities, and because of the color of our skin, that they can get away with it.  But I’m raising my family in this community and I’m not going to let them poison our air and pollute our water and dump waste on our soil.

  • I’ll fight to undo the terrible cuts the Trump Administration has made to the EPA’s budget and hold polluters accountable, not give them a license to poison us. I don’t tolerate bullies, and I’m not going to let them poison my kids or yours.


Protecting Public Schools and increasing access to higher education to uplift our communities

  • Funding Public Schools and Holding Charters Accountable: Our public schools need more resources, not more standardized testing and attacks on teachers. I'll work hard to increase funding for public schools and to ensure charter schools are regulated and held accountable. Charter schools cannot be allowed to take money away from public schools while failing our kids.

  • Debt-Free College and Vocational Training: The cost of higher education is a major barrier for many people, and we must make public colleges, universities, and trade schools tuition free for working families. We must expand access to vocational training that builds skills and prepares people for careers. 


We must guarantee Equal Rights for All so that

everyone is welcome in America

  • LGBTQ Rights: I have been an unwavering ally of the LGBTQ community and will fight relentlessly to ensure that no matter how you identify, and no matter who you love, every person in this country enjoys full and equal civil rights. Conservative courts are determined to impose their ideology to deny rights to LGBTQ individuals and we must resist these attacks together.

  • Overturn the Muslim Ban: Trump's Muslim Ban, now ratified by the Supreme Court, allows hatred to flourish and rip apart our communities. I'm a proud Muslim woman, and we must oppose every attempt by the GOP to divide us by singling out groups for discriminatory policy. We must overturn the Muslim Ban and reaffirm that everyone is welcome here.

  • Immigration Reform: I'm the daughter of immigrants to this country, and I want those who come to our borders seeking a better life to have the same opportunities I've had. We must provide a clear pathway to citizenship for all undocumented Americans, we must dismantle our deportation machine and detention centers, and we must enhance access to justice for immigrants availing themselves of our legal system. We must protect DREAMers and welcome asylum-seekers. We must be guided by empathy, not fear, and we cannot compromise in our fight to upload and respect the human rights of people seeking shelter inside our borders. 

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