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Why I'm Running

I’ve served as a State Representative in Lansing and I’ve been a people’s lawyer at the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice, and now I want to do even more for our communities. I think it’s time for a Congresswoman who’ll fight for us in the streets, in the courts, and in Congress, and who people can count on to fight for them and never sell them out.


We need someone who will stand up to the billionaires and corporations taking advantage of our communities and hijacking our government. I took on the Koch brothers and won, forcing their toxic petcoke off our river. I fought back against Matty Moroun and won, moving his polluting trucks off our neighborhood streets. I protested the Trump rally at the Detroit Economic Club and got thrown out for asking him to “read the Constitution” before other Democrats were taking him seriously. I pushed back when Quicken Loans and Little Caesars asked for huge tax breaks that take money from our schools, even as local government celebrated the corporate handouts.

I’m running because I get results. I brought home $5.6 million in funding for before-and- after school programs and $7.8 million for bilingual education and literacy. I brought home $1 million for free health care clinics and $2 million to remove toxic lead paint from older homes. And I did it with Republicans in control of the Legislature, because I don’t make excuses, I get it done.


In Washington I’ll fight back against the Trump agenda that puts corporate profits and serving the rich over the needs of the rest of us. I’ll fight alongside you for Medicare-for-All so everyone can receive the healthcare they need, and for a $15 minimum wage that helps workers provide for their families. Together we’ll hold polluters accountable and resist Trump’s attacks on our communities. On top of that, I’ll operate a local service center that changes your ideas of what a representative should be. I can’t wait to get to work for you.

About Rashida

Rashida Tlaib is the mother of two boys and the oldest of 14 children, born and raised in Detroit, and a proud graduate of Detroit Public Schools. Rashida made history in 2008 by winning her race for State Representative and becoming the first Muslim woman to ever serve in the Michigan Legislature. In Lansing Rashida served three terms, rising to the Democratic Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, where she secured millions of dollars for seniors and education and authored laws to protect homeowners and stop scrap metal thieves.

Rashida is appreciated by residents for the transformative constituent services she provided, saving hundreds of families from foreclosure and securing over $1 million in tax refunds for her residents. Rashida has an unparalleled record fighting for her constituents and winning. 

Rashida took on the Koch brothers and forced them to remove pollutants from Detroit’s riverfront and fought back against Matty Moroun and forced his company to follow the law and stop polluting the community. Rashida’s tireless work to change her residents’ lives is what sets her apart from the crowd.





For All





Protecting Our Schools


Rashida's Priorities

Justice For All

Civil Rights Act

Rashida will propose legislation to drastically expand U.S. civil rights protections to cover discriminatory impacts, in addition to discriminatory intent, when elected to Congress – a sweeping change for America that would change the landscape for millions of citizens.


Residents of Michigan’s 13th Congressional District and in diverse and working-class communities across America realize that they aren’t getting a fair deal. Economic opportunity – the ability to get a good education, to purchase affordable insurance, to get a mortgage or loan, or even to have safe drinking water – should not be determined by race, religion, ethnicity, or zip code. 

A cornerstone of Rashida's historic campaign for U.S. Congress in Michigan’s 13th District has been the effort to give residents and communities across this diverse working-class district equal access to opportunity. With this in mind, Rashida announced the framework for an innovative and groundbreaking Justice For All Civil Rights Act for America.


Half a century has passed since the initial groundswell of the civil rights movement inspired this country into action. And, yet, minority communities face discrimination and obstacles to the American Dream on countless fronts. It’s time to address the problem head-on. 

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